Can Home Premium run 32-bit programs?

I have a copy of the CS3 Master Suite (A bunch of adobe programs) that runs on my old pc (32-bit windows xp).

When I buy my win 7 home premium 64-bit; will it run 32-bit programs like the ones in the CS3 suite?

I thought that only windows 7 ultimate was able to run things in 32 and 64 bit modes...

So my question is... will a 32 bit program run on windows 7 HOME PREMIUM 64-bit?
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  1. "So my question is... will a 32 bit program run on windows 7 HOME PREMIUM 64-bit?"
    Yes, all W7 versions are able to do so.
    Whether it's compatible with W7 you can check compatability by running the Upgrade adviser for both hardware and software.
    It's advisable to do this prior to upgrading.
  2. yes windows 64 bit can run 32-bit programs, those 32 bit programs will install in the C:\Program Files (x86) directory.
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    All 64-bit editions of Windows can run 32-bit programs, not just "Ultimate" or "Pro"

    What "Ultimate" and "Pro" can do is to run a copy of Windows XP in a virtual machine that you can use to run 32-bit programs which, for one reason or another, don't run properly under a 64-bit operating system. 32-bit programs with that problem are relatively few and far between.
  4. Thanks for the quick responses! I have one more question... how can I get my copy of Office onto my new computer without the disc? I THINK that I have the product code taped on the back of my PC.
  5. You can't, you need the disk, the product code on the back would most likely be for your Windows XP, not Office.
  6. God I hate dell... keeping my goddman CDs.
    This is why I'm building my own this time.
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