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Well i was planning on buying a hp dv6t Q today. The laptop had the specs I wanted at the price I likes, but today the price went from 730 to 830. I was so pissed off. Yesterday it was for only 730. My question is, how often do the prices change? Was this like a rare deal that happens once a while? I called them and had no real help. I really don't feel like waiting a month for it to go down or something. BTW I want to get that free xbox 360 deals so kind of limited to wht laptop.
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  1. I know what your looking at, back in July '10, I started to look lightly for laptops, I was sold about get a HP Envy 17, But, the price was too high, I decided to wait, I waited all the way thru to December, the price never dropped. I then found an Asus G73jh at BestBuy for 849.99 USD, it was faster, cooler, and more reliable then the HP Envy, and yet, the Envy costed much more.

    I've heard a lot of problems with the HP dv6, and all laptop models from hp actually. They have overheating problems, screen problems, BSOD problems, all other mnf will have similar problems, but HP has the lowest reliability, and to get a part repaired is much more expensive then anyone would logically spend on a laptop.

    I wouldn't recommend getting a laptop from HP. What is your budget?
    Please fill this out:
    I understand that you want the xbox 360, I will try to find a deal that comes with one, depending on your budget, and lenient requirements, I might be able to find a laptop cheap enough for you to buy a 360 seperately.
  2. man so pissed, it was such a good deal lol, well thanks for the advise. I guess ill check out ebay/comp usa. gamming is a big factor and with the xbox deal, the dv6 has best video card hd 6770
  3. Yeah, it does look like a good deal. BUT IT IS NOT WORTH IT. I don't care if they sold it for a penny. It is not worth it. Get that into your head that hp's quality is bad, bad were you will be here often, and you'll enventually become a regular-only from starting threads for problems.

    Asus currently has the best reliability, there was actually a survey/test done. And they found, that in 3 years, Asus laptops had the least problems, while... hp on the other hand, actually had the most of all companies. HP is also the largest, and has more pcs out there then any other mnf, that might contribute to the "problem" with converts from PC to Mac...

    If you could fill out the link, I'd do my best to give you a good deal.
  4. Leonee continue checking on logicbuy. HP deals frequent there often. I've seen some with the Envy line.
  5. I was just saying... Don't get an Envy, they overheat... I've heard about too many issues. You'd be better off with Sager, MSI, Asus... Possibly Dell and Toshiba, but those 2 are living on the edge. HP, is an absolute No.
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