Athlon system (needs info and feedback)

First post :)
I'm thinking of building a new system (again).. here's what I was thinking of doing:
Athlon xp 1800
512 DDR pc2700 ram
Nomad case w/461w powersupply (
Interior modded cables (the 'wrapped' IDE cables)
Seagate 80 gb barracuda 7200 rpm HD
MSI K7T266 pro 2 (6380) (without int. audio if possible)M.B
Geforce 4 TI4400 agp card
Sound blaster Live/Audigy

Now a few questions:
1. With that mobo and the ram.. pc2700 is compatable with that mobo?
2. Anyone have many problems with the athlon xp overheating or lockups frequently?
3. I currently have a P4 1.3, intel I1845 mobo, 128 mb Rambus, geforce 2 Ultra (64 mb DDR), will the above system "blow away" this current one?

4.If you were me ( I play a lot of games, naturally, work on 3d Max/Maya/Softimage, do photoshop work, and work on 3d levels via Unrealed and the such), would you just upgrade the p4? with more rambus, new mobo? or just build a new system (the one above)?

5. Any advice or anything you'd change with that configuration?
6. without recommending watercooling, what are some good fans/cooling solutions that you'd recommend?
7. Or should I just forget this silly idea, and buy the case (has better ventilation than my currrent one), more samsung RD, and O/C my p4. 1.3?? and buy the vid card later?

If I go ahead with this, it'll be my 5th pc that I would build for myself... so I want to build something that'll last a little while for my games/3d stuff.. where it can be upgraded (the Mother board can go to 3 gb ddr ram).

Well, that's it.. Thanks for all the response (ahead of time)...
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  1. Will you be overclocking?

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  2. 1) yes
    2) yeah, i think you'll be page doesn't say specificly but here you go: <A HREF="" target="_new">LINKIE</A>
    3) "blowing" something away is rather subjective and depends on personal opinion. i think if you slaped some more ram and a new video card into your current system you'd do just about as good and save some cash too.
    5) This is my own oppinon and not necissarily based on any test or logic even: double your ram and throw another 80 gig hd in there too.
    6)if you're not overclocking stock hsf will do nicely.

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  3. well, as for overclocking, if I were to stay with the P4, I probably with O/C it a bit... add more ram (512 samsung pc-800 ECC rambus, new vid card, and new HD, probably a new case anyways as well.)
    for the athlon.. well not sure, but I may have someone to buy my current system, if they are interested I may go the athlon route..
  4. If you are willing to overclock, do the upgrade and go to a northwood chip (1.6A, 1.8A, 2.0A, 2.2A) and a suitable motherboard. Waiting for the t-bread to come out before you buy might make you some great deals.

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  5. well, if I do that (which I know is what I'd have to do to O/C this) i'd be probably spending more after it's said and done, since a new chip, mobo, more ram, vid card and probably more fans (new ones)would pretty much be buying an all new pc.... correct?
    Like I said I have a p4 1.3... is overclocking this current pc not a good idea?
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