Very peculiar problem with windows 7 boot

I have recently been affected by problems in the boot. When the computer boots it passes post and then begins boot, however the screen goes blank and doesn't boot. Also when I boot from the windows 7 disc, it have problems such as the mouse having a long delay and unable to begin repair services. This problem has stumped me and I don't have any viable solutions.
Before the computer froze, it was displaying the same problem with the mouse being delayed then stopping all together.

Computer specs:
Windows 7 Home P
Q6600 stock
680i evga mobo
geforce 7600
2gb ram corsair
150gb raptor
160gb maxtor (7 years old)
generic disc drive
antec earthwatts 650
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  1. boot from the W7 disk and go to command prompt.
    type sfc /scannow<enter>

    post the results
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