I need an expert to recover my pictures from hard drive I have been to a compute

My computer crashed and and my pictures can't be pulled up.I took my lap top to cyber exchange computers and they could not retrive them.They said I would have to send it to atlanta to experts.all of my pics have meaning to me the last of which was my mom getting sick being in the hospital and dying 5 days in hospital and her funeral and our first grand daughters birth,if you coud help me or send me in the right direction i would grately appreciate it.
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  1. Are you able to turn on your computer still? If yes, you can look for some free file recovery softwares. Another way is to install Ubuntu but click "try it out" do not install as it will replaced everything. You will have access to your hard drive after you chose to try out Ubuntu. Afterward just exit and make sure you do not install Ubuntu!
  2. Hello nonnie;

    Did Cyber Exchange take the hard drive out of the laptop and attach it to another computer?
    Did they tell you it was a problem with the hard disk?
  3. Here's what i do:

    I will hook up the HDD to an IDE/SATA to USB2.0 connector. Then I use freeware programs like Recuva and GetDataBack. I've been able to pull files off a 10 year old HDD that had "crashed" long ago. Good luck.

    Edit: Forgot to mention this method works for "deleted" files as well.

    Just remember, do NOT write ANYTHING to the drive.
  4. There are professional solutions online, but they are going to cost 5k

    If its a Windows crash, some laptops have a system recovery that you can boot to, check the manual. You will go to a screen that allows you to transfer all your files to a USB drive, external HDD or CD/DVD. Then you can install windows and start over.
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