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how to restore operating system coz does not start normaly
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  1. some computers will have option to press f10 to start system restore from a hidden partition...when you turn the computer on read on screen instructions located at the bottom as it will tell you if you have that option or simply look for key words system resore with boot options when you press f8
  2. Hi

    There is a big difference between Repair a Windows installation and Restore a Windows Installation

    Retore usually wipes out every thing on C: drive so you do not do this if you have important data on C:

    Repair requires a USB memory stick or CD/DVD System Repair disk built from same version of Windows 7 on your problem PC
    eg x86 = 32bit or 64bit versions and Win 7 or Win 7 with service pack 1
    (don't worry about Home, Professional or Ultimate, OEM or retail)

    see Microsoft site for details

    for Recovery see 'user guide' or FAQ on Manufacturers web site for detailed instructions


    Mike Barnes
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