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Ok I know this may not be the section ot put this in but i was wondering...Is it ok to leave your computer on all the time? I read before about turning comps off and on that it causes the cpu to have shorter life span..but leaving it on would only do the same in my thoughts.. so i am asking which is better on or off? What about suspend mode also give me some ideas about the whole suspend,and stand by. Are those any better? Thanks again
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  1. IMO I have always turned off my comp before going to sleep, I beleive it helps the lifespan in addition to any eletrical power outs during night that might occur. I usually leave it on during the day, but IMO stick to turn off daily. Only server comps and networks are usually the best purpose for leaving them on, especially corporate ones with thousands racked up together, they must have a backed up power supply to keep up 365 days a year rolling.

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  2. My computers are on all the time. No problems. Don't know much about stand by mode.

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  3. Turning on and off anything will stress it more than just leaving it on all the time. The circuits heat up and expand and then cool off and contract. OTOH, if a circuit or proc is chronicaly overheated (from overclocking, etc.) this can shorten the life span. The biggest victim of on/off-on/off induced stress is usually the hard disk. If your system is adequately cooled, you are usually better off leaving it on for component life, but this would need to be compared to other factors, noise, location, security, electricity costs, critical nature of data, firewall protection (yes even for your home PC), etc. before one could say which is actually "better." This is usually an individual or corporate choice.

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  4. This is a personal preference, and I don't think that there is a right or wrong answer. Personally I perfer just a blank display...no Standby, no Hibernate, and I leave my PC on night and day. About once per week I usually will defrag and shutdown to refresh virtual memory.

    But here is some information regarding the topic for those who are more conservative of energy (<A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techenthusiast/features/standby1127.asp" target="_new">Microsoft's Viewpoint</A>)

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  5. I tend to leave my puter on all day and night, for one thing, things come up unexpectedly and need to be done with the computer in a rush..so its faster by leaving the computer on..and also..i run a server now on my puter since it was on 24/7 anyhow..uhh so far so good..nothing gone bad (knock on wood)..uptime on windowsXP is currently 2weeks 3days...

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  6. I have left my computer on since I have owned one. Never had any Ill effects. One of my win2k boxes stayed booted for 3½ months without restarting. (Damn power outage!)

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  7. I leave my server on 7/24. Depends on how you use your computer, if you need to use it all the time, why brother shutting it down? I think the HD will have shorter life if you keep it on all the time, coz it has moving parts inside. The life of a HD is measure by time.
  8. HHHMMMMMM i know this is all preference and all but are there any websites that give better input on this i have done searchs and none have come up with any answers.Its not a big matter lol just kind of wondering what everyone else was thinking about the issue. Thanks for the posts. if anyone else reads this post on.
  9. i think it comes down to cost and what your doing.

    if your PC is doing nothing, you may as well turn it off and save electricity.

    if your running something like cure for cancer or seti like me, then u will want it on all the time :)

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