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I just built a system with an XP 2000, on an ASUS A7V266E. Im using a Copper Hedgehoge that I've lapped and polished, Silver Heat sink Compound and a low RPM Quiet fan. The on board temp shows the CPU at 60C! Im not sure if its reading the on Die temp sensor and it makes the the CPU look as if its running much hotter than my old reference on an external temp sensor... Is this a case of a difference in the location of the sensor or does a 1.6 Ghz XP run that much hotter than 1 Gig thunderbird?

A simular araigment on a 1 gig althon runs a few degrees over room temp. The 1.6 seams to run 20 or 30 Degrees Celcuis with no load!!
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  1. 2 much thermal compound?
  2. Do the hedghogs suck, I cant remember from the hsf shootoout days.

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  3. Hedgehogs are ok, but I think they needed a high RPM fan to perform well, like the ThermoEngine. Could be too much thermal paste, but a 1.6 XP will run a good amount hotter than a 1.0 Athlon.

    And since Mat missed saying it: if you're not locking up, your temps are fine.

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  4. Asus has played a little game with their BIOS' to change temperature readings recently.

    In particular, I know they boosted the temp reading by +10 degrees in BIOS revision 1005 for the A7M266. They claim they did this to make the reading 'more accurate'. It always freaks people out though when they upgrade their BIOS and suddenly their temperature alarms start going off. It also will likely screw up the functionality of the Volcano 7 I just bought which changes fan speed based on temperature. I doubt I'll be able to get the temp low enough to lower the fan speed due to the extra 10 degrees. (there is no real change in temp due the BIOS change... it just reports it 10 degrees higher)

    They may have done this with their other motherboards also... so that is something to consider that *may* account for 10 degrees on that reading.
  5. 10 Degrees F or C?
  6. C

    For example, it took my temp from about 55 to 65.... (yes, that is hotter than most of you are running... actually.... I have my case open right now with a house fan blowing into it and I'm still getting 56 degrees C ! That is why I went out and bought the Volcano 7 to replace my current super-orb... it should improve that a bit...

    The nice thing is that I know that 56 is really 46...
  7. The Vulcano 7 doesn't care that your bios show 10C more now than before, it read case temperature which is not great. I drilled a hole on the side of the heatsink and placed the sensor in there, didn't gain much but if you have enough air circulation in the case it will screw with the sensor making your CPU run hot.

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