Is Dell Inspiron n5110 good? (i3 2310, 4GB 1333mhz,nVidia GT 525M 1GB)

I plan to buy new laptop for college. What I expect from it. Well first of all it to last 4-5 years, battery at least around 3h. Would like to play some games over time, so I hope it could run the latest ones also.

I found this one at best price with good specs - am not good at specs so I really need advice on that point.

Dell Inspiron n5110 (600 EUR aka ~870 USD) (Its estonian site but the specs are in english)

Intel i3 2310M 2.1GHz
4GB DDR3 1333MHz
500GB 7200RPM
nVidia GeForce GT 525M 1GB
15.6'' WXGA 1366x768 LED Glare
6 cell battery

All reviews on internet are with HD3000 or some MHD5700 integrated graphic cards. Notebookcheck an other sites provide that nVidia GT 525m 1 GB can run pretty well new games. Intel I3 2310m 2.1 sounds good too with 4 GB DDR 1333 mhz. At least that what I see and have found. Also IF anyone has to suggest similar laptops with good price let me know.
Also just to educate myself on that topic can somene answer to few of my questions!

Which is better and why: 4GB ram 1066mhz or 3GB 1333mhz ? And does 1x4 GB or 2x2 GB change anything. Are they same or there is some performance difference?

Hard drive has RPM writing speed. Mostly nowadays they have 7200 but some are still 5400(to reduce price) - What this Revolution per minute changes or exactly do.. I assume it writes data but How do I feel the difference, does it copies things slower, programs run and are opened slower or what?

Is there any difference in nVidia GeForce GT 525m between GT 520m. I suspect 520 should be a little less preformance.. but those numbers are tricky.

I am really thankful, whoever can help me out with some questions?
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  1. The difference between 1066mhz and 1333mhz ram is probably not significant for most of your uses, so just go with 4gb.

    The 1x4 vs 2x2 is just a matter of future-upgrade-ability. 1x4gb means you probably have an empty ram slot, so you can stick in an extra stick of ram in the future if you decide to upgrade it. Performance wise, i don't think there's any difference.

    The harddrive RPM just determines read/write speed a bit. Yeah, the 7200 will be faster, but will also use more power. Depending on what you value more (performance or power), you may perfer the 7200 rpm drive, or the 5400 rpm drive.

    The 525M i think is actually quite a bit more powerful than the 520M, so the difference there is pretty significant. Comparison here:


    The laptop you have posted there seems pretty good, and probably good for most of your needs if you don't game a lot... although on the gaming end, i highly doubt it'll last you 4-5 years :/ If your primary focus is internet/word processing, then yeah, you'll be fine throughout your college years.
  2. Yes Primary focus will be Internet, e-mail, news, Word process, cuz that will take probably most of my time there. And on that point I am sure it is good. Just wanted to know if those Chips together allow to play some latest games too. But as am not good with Hardware I am just looking confirmation that This laptop is Decent and will allow me to do that. Dells 3 Year warranty is also tempting.
  3. It'll let you run most current games on Med, and probably the games coming out in the next year or so on Med/Low or something, but if gaming's not your primary intent for this, then yeah, you'll be fine with this :)
  4. I would like to add that the 525m is EXACTLY the same GPU as the 550M, just clocked a little lower.

    I have the N5110 and I OC mine to match (740MHz core clock, with MSI afterburner). I live in a cold country though (scotland) so heat is fine for me, but if you are somewhere hot you want to keep an eye on it.
  5. well i am on a dell5110 with that specs and its REALY good. i have played some bad-ass games with bad-ass graphics and its all ok (games like starcraft2 assassin's creed 3 etc. ) so if think to buy it that i s a good idea
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