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Well im not really into laptops so i dont know much about them, im more of a desktop guy. But anyway im looking to spend 500-650 dollars, screen size i think 13in and up would be okay i want something portable and light. I would also want i5 or i7 in it. hmm about 500gb storage or around 320gb would be okay to. Im not really looking to game on it but if it does play some games that be nice. Battery life i would like it to be 5 or more hours. Screen resolution i mean the higher the better. And last thing i would want it to have good speakers.

Ima just do general stuff on it, internet, watch movies, listen to music, burn cd/dvds oooo there you go i need a burner as well it be nice if it had blu-ray player but thats not gona happen for this price, uh maybe some photoshop cs4, light games, maybe video editing and anything else that i get into haha.

anyway thanks guys and hopefully you can help me. Here i found this one but i dont know how good it is,


come to think of it 13in is kinda small maybe 14in and up would be better what do you guys think.
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  1. It may be a little difficult to fit a laptop with what you want to do into your price range...

    Maybe this?

    The thing is, at your named price range, not many computers will have a dedicated graphics card, which means photoshop and video editing capabilities will suffer. I mean, the HD3000 that comes with the latest i5/7s are fine for light gaming and multi-media tasks, but i dont think it'll do so well on the truly graphics-dependent applications.

    Also, with regards to battery life, a smaller screen will be better, but i've often noticed that 13" laptops tend to cost more 14" ones, which in turn costs more than 15" ones for most low/medium end laptops. 14" will probably be the sweet spot between cost and battery life, though if you can get a 13" in the price range, go for it.
  2. yeah think your right 14in would be the sweet spot. The acer looks nice i also found this one


    any good ?
  3. i like that the acer has usb 3.0 and but the 5400rpm hd kinda slow ?
  4. I dont know about the battery life on the Lenovo you linked, but yeah, that looks pretty good too.

    Regarding the 5400rpm hd, it's not a big deal... you can swap in a faster one if you want, but do know that 7200rpm hds are more power hungry, which will eat into your battery life. the speed difference... i'm not sure if that would be too noticeable in most cases. If you're more concerned about access speeds and battery life, then you can try to find a SSD to replace that hdd.
  5. True so think il stick with the 5400 and later put in a ssd.if you can, see if you can find anything for 600 dollars max. The photoshop and video editing is a once in a while thing. Only for fun so it doesnt have to be superb for that. Im still looking around for what else is out there. If i find anything il get back to you.
  6. Well, the SSD is more of an aftermarket upgrade you do yourself. Few sub-$1000 laptops will come with a SSD normally.
  7. The ratio of notebook is always we wanted, in addition to configuration aspects of the problem, I think material also is very important, if you have a need to not look like here
  8. well i also found this laptop its in samsclub for 650 heres the link to how it looks tho pretty nice as it has blu ray, intel i5, 640gb, 4gb of ram not bad. Battery says its 4hr and 45min little short but itl do i guess. What do you guys think ?

  9. i got one more thing to share with you guys, hopefully someone will get back to me i found this one as well seems like a better deal to me than the hp.

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