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I have just installed an anti-virus (Anti Vir)on my Laptop and all of a sudden, my computer would not boot!
I have tried pressing the F8 key at start up in order to boot via "Safe Mode" but all in vain. It appears that the Operating system is corrupted and does not have the rescue CD.
Regrettably,my local hard drive is not Partitioned and that all my important files are lumped together with the Operating System! I obviously cannot re-install the new OS as I would risk losing everything, which is installed in "My Document" folder. The OS in question is Last XP ver.16.
Please help.

Tlaks Banda
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  1. I'm not familiar with Last XP, but since it's a modification of XP itself, does it have System Restore? If so, you can try to restore it to an earlier state, before you installed the antivirus program. Otherwise, if you're just concerned about the data on the hard drive, you can just go to a computer repair shop and ask them to copy the data off of the drive for you or restore it for you (or you can do it yourself if you know how).
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