I know the idle temp.....

Its an XP1600+ and its temp at idle is 44C. What would the max temp probably be?

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  1. It usually would go up to 48º IMO..
    What HSF are you using BTW?
    I get 42º on bootup Health monitor, during the day, if I restart.

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  2. Standard recommended Cooler Master.

    The temps seem a little higher now than 3 months ago when the system was first built. I reckon its cause the system was running already, did a re-start and then checked the temps in the BIOS. Probably nothing.

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  3. hmmm.
    idle 44C... really depends on how good your case cooling is, and the HSF u use, but if your not using a monster like the alpha or the swiftech i reckon u could get up to 52C using TOAST.

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  4. I've been testing an XP1600 for the last week or so. It is at all stock clock rates, voltages etc.

    At idle it is normally around 38-39C. Running Prime 95 it has gotten up to 49C temporarily, and then settles back to 46C (why?). My system temps seem to stay at 28C steadily. Room temp has always been around 21-22C.

    So it looks like I'm seeing around 10 degrees C rise for Prime 95.

    If only I could get my system temps down a few degrees, I think I would be seeing lower CPU temps. But now I'm down to doing hard stuff like improving airflow through the case, bah.
  5. 44 is normal. If you want to further lower the temp, you will need a better heatsink and higher rpm fan, which make your system more noisy.
  6. I get about a 10 degree spread (C) between idle and load in my system also.

    With a Volcano 7 - 1800XP+ on an ECS K7s5a, I got 31 and 41 readings in one system (tidy inside the case and an additional case fan sucking air in the front of the case). The case temps moved between 25 and 32 - which means the Volcano 7 never got up to full fan speed.

    With the same cpu and Volcano 7 on an Asus A7M266 (special note about the A7M266.. the cpu temps read 10 degrees higher due to a BIOS tweak Asus made starting at revision 1005) I got a range from 42 to 56 (the case isn't as tidy inside and there are currently no additional fans besides the power supply fan out). The temp inside the case starts around 33 and goes up to 41'ish under load so the Volcano 7's fan is pretty much full tilt all the time.

    If I add a case fan to the A7M266 system I'll likely get the same temps I got on the ECS system (adjusted 10 degrees higher by the BIOS).
  7. i'm running a xp1.6+ with a global win WBK38 and standard factory supplied thermal pad. i got a 8cm fan at the front of the case for intake air and a 9 cm 2500rpm fan at the back to suck out hot air, all my cable in my case are tired up and i was able to get my idel temp to 40c and 45 when loaded.i'm gonna get some actic silver 3 2 replace the thermal pad so i can probabaly get my temp even lower
  8. Found out today. The guy had told me his idle temp after <b>2 hours</b> of running.

    I had it start-up from cold, and the idle was 37C. I reckon it'll never get much higher than 50C in that case. No worries.

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