WIN 7"setup was not able to create a new system.."

Hi everyone. Im going nuts. Please help.

I was able to set up win 7 on raid 0 before.
Now I am trying to do a fresh install of win 7 again.
Everything seems to be ok but when I get to "where do you want to install windows" menu I get a similar error message.

Any I deas? I tried to delete the partition and load the raid driver from asus. Also tried to split the drive. But still gets this same message. Bios is set up for raid. And I am installing win 7 from a usb drive
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  1. I've read this post...but it didn't mention raid 0. It mentioned to disconnect all other drives other than the one win7 is going in to, but in a raid 0 set up, both drives needs to be connected.
  2. But there sure is a raid manual for your mobo at the Asus site, that explains the setup.
  3. yes, I was able to install win 7 the first time. But I ran in to this issue while trying to REINSTALL windows.
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