Best deal ever on a Netbook?

I think I found the one!

If I can't find anything better, or anything wrong with this, I will be buying after work today...

Battery Information
Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery Energy: 55 Wh
Number of Cells: 6-cell

Hard Drive Capacity: 250 GB
Hard Drive Interface: Serial ATA
Hard Drive RPM: 7200

It is at NCIX for $320, and I found a local retailer offering it for $299.99, on sale until August 12th for $229!

Snap it up????
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  1. That's a seriously old model... what are you going to use it for? If you'll be watching youtube in HD on it, you may want to reconsider :/

    EDIT: nevermind. misread model number. Not the old model. If you want a netbook, yeah, that'd be ok. But like supermunche said, a real laptop is just tiny bit more expensive.
  2. Considering you can get a sandybridge notebook for $350 or $380 respectively, you can guess which I would buy.

    I do own a netbook and it was great for what I used it for. Getting online, checking emails while traveling. They are still slow, keyboards are cramped, and screen size is unusable for excel or powerpoint creation. Great battery life though.
  3. Wife has a newer notebook and I have a good desktop, I need something small and ultra-portable for browsing the web while the wife is on her notebook :)

    I want something comfy to browse the web while sitting on the couch! Most laptops are 5-8lbs, this Netbook is under 3lbs :)
  4. Made the decision today at work... purchased it after work... currently posting this on my new HP Mini :)

    So far so good! Keyboard is surprisingly easy to get used to and screen is JUST big enough for browsing websites...

    We'll see how it works for me long-term but so far I'm in love
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    Hope you like it! I loved mine for many years, but for me the Ipad replaced mine.
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  7. Thanks for best answer, though I didn't really deserve it :D
  8. :sol:

    Yeah I figured if I didn't pick SOMEBODY then I'd be getting the emails in a week asking if it's solved :p

    I wanted to pick my own but it wouldn't let me :kaola:
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