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Shut off warning that Windows Security Center Service is off

Our company runs different security software, plus company-wide firewall and monitoring. They do not want this service running; it was disabled when I received the PC.

Is there any way to get rid of the nag in the icon corral that it needs to be turned on? When I go into the Action Center, there is an option to "Turn off messages about Windows Backup" but not one for the Security Center. Thanks.
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  1. If you go in the Control Panel, Notification Area Icons, change the "Behaviors" to "Hide icon and notifications" of the icon you don't want showing if it is present in the list. Maybe this will help.
  2. Jarotech

    That works perfectly. However, it suppresses _all_ action center warnings. I was hoping to suppress only the one, and see the others. Like reminding me to build a bootable backup disc and back up.
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    control panel
    action center (bottom left)
    change action center settings
    uncheck the fierwall and virus protection and any other ones you dont want to be nagged with

    in the notification area right click and select properties
    in the "notification area" section click customize
    for the security center click the drop down and select hide
  4. With due thanks to Jarotech, Randini's solution will let me get warnings about other things that I _do_ care about. Interestingly, these check boxes are greyed out - I can't disable them. Probably a network policy setting, which is amusing, because the people who set up those settings are the ones who disabled the security service.
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  6. lol
  7. I'm glad you found the solution.
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