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IPad 2 as College Bound Laptop

First off, i bought an iPad 2 cause i love being able to read my comics and books somewhere besides my desk.
Not to mention the dozens for cool apps I have already dled.

I have a bestbuy card, but I have around 1000 to spend

Anyways, i needed something that i could take to school and do notes on, and also something to use to research(English, Computer Science, film/animation and Math).

I bought the iPad with the 70$ logitech keyboard that has its own case, and the apple cover, so together they are the size and weight of a smaller laptop.

My question is just for your opinion and i know that its going to be my personal opinion, but i would like some feedback.

My question is whether I should keep my iPad 2 w/keyboard and stylus-pen or should i return it back and get a Mac Book Air??

One of the reasons i got the iPad 2 is cuz I live less than 10 minutes from the Community College and i can just go home and use my desktop or use the computer labs, and if not I can do medium projects on the ipad 2.

I also wanted to know how many people use the iPad as a word processor and web browser for College/Business, without owning a laptop?
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  1. i wouldnt recommend doing this, i just can see a ipad being able to have 10+ tabs open with ms word and powerpoint open along side itunes. yeah they might be "cool" but they are as practical as they will be in the near future.
  2. Thats what i was thinking, and questioning whether the ipad would be a practical solution for the school setting.

    I just saw the new mac book airs, and then looked at how much i spent between the 32gb wifi, keyboard, stylus, screen protector, the 1 year bestbuy warranty and the apple cover, and realized i could get the basic mac book air model(with school discount that is)

    Even with the new iOS 5, and its tab browsing, it will be cool, but I will have to close and open back n forth between the pages and my browser, but I wonder if iOS 5 will have multi tasking between two apps, like on honeycomb, how u can click the bottom left button, and go back n forth between like 10 apps.

    I don't even have to get a mac book air, I could get something for like 500$ from HP and upgrade my desktop with another SSD and a couple more HD, maybe go to Sandy Bridge from my 965BE?

    IDK I love my iPad 2, especially after getting the right apps. I thought iOS 5 would make it specially cool for school use. I will have to do some more research.
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    I have yet to see anyone use an iPad successfully to replace a laptop in class. If you need to get work done you need to be using a laptop.
  4. I don't know, I tear it up on my iPad. I don't even have iOS 5, and I am able to get my work done.

    Half of what i do is, logging into math online, and doing the homework, which is looking at the problem, solve and type it in.

    For English, i don't have tab browsing yet, but I can have several pages to go back n forth from. With iOS 5, i can manuever between apps, quicker than i could on a computer with a mouse in between programs. With iOS 5, my iPad is going to beat a macbook air.

    I will be getting work study, so I will probably save it all up and get a Mac Book Pro. I am only going to the JC for one more year, then its off across the whole valley, from west valley to east side of Salt Lake to the U of U. Then a strong desktop replacement will come in handy.

    I will definitely need a laptop, especially if I dont get a dorm. Cause thats a 30 min drive, or 45-60 with car and trax.

    I got the keyboard that has its own case, and my ipad just swoops up with it, and when working with them, they take up a smaller foot print than a mac book air.

    I don't know if you have ever owned an iPad, but I have loads more fun with it, than i ever did my laptop. I don't have MS Word with all of its editing tools, but I could make a great essay with out in pages. Not to mention I have loaded several pages into Pages, so I have charts and stuff to work with.

    So for me, and my 5 minute drive to the Community College, and between my CS classes and the computer labs with my home desktop, I could live with out a laptop. But then i don't mingle with the others, and am not studing in the library or the student center. Which is perfect for me to hang out and use my iPad, when i want to chill at school.

    Even if i had a powerful laptop, when doing hardcore research, I wouldn't waste my time on a laptop, I would come home to my triple screen(2 identical 24", and the 3rd is my 42" tv) where I can process lots of information, with 8gb's along with my 965, 128gb SSD, 3tb HD, and my CFX 5770!
  5. why did you ask the question then? no offense but you must not really need a laptop for you major if you can be sufficient with an ipad. i tried one out from a friend for a week and gave it back within a day. it was just not powerful enough. i will be more productive then anyone on a ipad on my laptop hands down and how can you switch between apps faster on a mac? on windows it 1 click? but hey if you wanna look good while doing work go ahead and use your ipad but everyone i see that has there ipad out has their laptop right beside it.
  6. Well i had a laptop for the last couple of days, and I found it more convenient, to pop out my ipad and flip my cover around, then it was to bust out the laptop, mouse and mousepad.

    I am able to just hold the ipad in my hands, while the laptop can be held, but was more stationary on the table.

    I am saying it would take less time to 4 finger swipe from the internet page to the word processor, then to click to back n fourth on a mouse, espeically when using the onboard keyboard with the ipad.

    Even compared against the mac book air, the ipad takes up less space, so I was able to mount it sitting a computer in the computer rooms. They dont have itunes on the computers, but i can just upload right into my online classes, and if i needed a paper printed for class if i wasn't home, i can access everything from home through an app, plus i can just email the docs to my gmail. I used my moms laptop case for an ipad case, and i was able to fit my ipad, its keyboard, my phone, a skinny english class book and some change n hacky sack, and the case was for her 11" HP laptop. I didn't need to bring a back pack to put the power cord, mouse pad and mouse.

    Also one big factor is that I have way more fun on my iPad, rather then my moms laptop. I even put farcry and my steam account on the laptop. I found that when i do meet with friends, its easier to just bust out the ipad and play one-on-one, instead of always trying to get them to get steam and get matching games. So the ipad just works better with using it with others. I can show people work, even for my club projects. I find that people don't want to sit and read off your laptop, but don't mind checking out your stuff on an iPad.

    When not home, no matter where i go it will be a bigger hassle to do anything with out my double big screens big desk. So even with a laptop with sandy bridge, I would still be lacking in performance with out the two screens
    The laptop that i want to get is the Mac Book Pro, with the keyboad and stylus, I save at least 300-400$ compared to getting the base model of a mac book.

    I really dont care how cool i look doing things, I am concerned on how well i can get things done. Is it nice to admit, that it was easy to access my school log in page to get the info i need while waiting in the 30 minute line at Financial Aid. Or to swoop out my class requirements to have an advisor take a gander.

    There are 101 ways the ipad can function that a laptop can't. Short of being at a further campus, I don't think a laptop at this point would even be necessary. I still want one, and will probably buy one with my work study, but i have been doing fine with out one and i don't even got iOS 5 or iCloud yet!
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  8. Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age...

    All the best Brett :)
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