Lenovo X220 tablet or Fujitsu Lifebook T901

I am planning to purchase either a lenovo x220 tablet or a fujitsu lifebook t901 tablet pc. I have done lots of research and am just at the point now where my eyes are crossing. I will be using this computer to replace my home laptop/computer and to use for a tablet. I have asked a computer guru friend of mine and he suggested the lenovo, but I just can't see sacrificing the camera and display size if I am already going to be investing so much. Which brings me to the fact the yes, budget/cost (if there is such a thing as budget ;) ) is an issue. I also swore off pc's seeing that I have been through 3 in the past 4 years, but I LOVE the rugged feature and the convertible tablet/laptop feature of these. I would greatly appreciate any immediate reccomendations (seeing that I am planning to purchase this evening). Thanks in advance!
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  1. What is your budget, what exactly do you want to do on the tablet, how many hours of battery life do you need. And what country do you live in...
  2. I know that with either of them I'm going to be spending b/w $1500-$2000, I'd like to stay as low as possible seeing that this is DEFINITELY and unplanned expense. It will be used mainly for LOTS of web-surfing, emailing, data researching (having to have lots of internet tabs open at once), also will be used to house and edit TONS of photography, for keeping notes/syncing with my blackberry (which I'm wanting to get rid of soon/ps.any tips for good smart phones ;-) ), paying bills and keeping finances, video chatting with relatives who are overseas (therefore if I got the lenovo I'd have to use an external camera for sure). I normally have access to a plug only because the laptops I've had have an awful battery life, so battery life isn't #1 concern but definitely is something I have compared, oh and I am in the US
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