How about this setup??

Building a new computer and have never put one together b4. Let me know if this setup is good plz.

BLACK EVERCASE E4252BEF5, Intel P4 / AMD 10-Bay. Truely Screwless ATX MID Tower Case. BLACK with GRAY trim.W/ 1 side Case Fan & 2 removeable HD cages. Retail. External: 4 X 5.25 and 2 X 3.50. Hidden: 4 X 3..50 (2 screwless removeable HD Cages). 2 x Front USB ports. 1 x side ball bearing fan with bracket.

EPOX EP-8K7A+ (AMD-761 + VIA 686B AGPset.) with HPT370X RAID. For AMD & AMD XP

512 DDR PC2100

40 gig Maxtor 7200 RPM

AMD 1800+ XP

Grafix Card:

Sound Card:
Hercules Fortissimo II
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  1. Ditch the gf2 ti and get a gf3 ti, the price difference is small, but the performance difference is rather large.

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  2. Moderate:

    Case is good - would prefer to see audio and firewire on front as well, but this is sometimes hard to find.

    Motherboard is old tech; would prefer VIA KT333/266a or even SIS 735/745 over this.

    RAM, HD, PROC are good.

    Video will do. I prefer faster (Gf3/4 non MX or Radeon 8500, but they are more expensive).

    Sound is fine.

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  3. If you want an Epox board, I'd recommend their KT266a. $99 at Newegg (last I checked), and it's gotten good reviews. If you're looking for the AMD761 chipset, I'd recommend the updated Gigabyte. They plopped on a new Southbridge with ATA133 and USB2.0.

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  4. what grafix card company would be the best?? Guillmont? Visiontech?
  5. Gainward. Highest default settings and overclocking program is standard on some models.
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