Windows 7 partition wont boot!

Hi, new member here-having issues with my laptop which hope someone can help with!

I have a Dell laptop which came preinstalled with Windows 7. I wanted to create a new partition and put XP on it to allow me to run a piece of older software. I created the partition and managed to install XP on it as planned. XP runs but unfortunately it hasnt found all the drivers for the ethernet and wireless cards so i cannot connect to the internet.

Anyway, now i cant boot from the Windows 7 partition. I have had a look around and things seem to suggest downloading a program to restore the Master boot record-however i cant do this as i cannot connect to the internet in xp. My laptop also did not come with windows 7 disks so i cant restore the MBR in this manner either.

Is there anyway i can restore the MBR in my current situation? I dont have another computer so cant download anything elsewhere (currently writing this from ipad). Am i able to delete the xp partition and force windows 7 to load instead? Or can i use the xp cd to somehow access Dos and boot windows 7?

All help appreciated! Please help!
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  1. What model dell?
  2. Its a inspiron m501r.

    Looking around, i noticed i could go into disk management in the xp partition and then mark the windows 7 partition as active. Would this then mean the 7 partition will boot on restart?
  3. Thanks for that, but it appears to refer to the problem but the other way round? I can boot into the xp partition but now want to know how to make the system boot into windows 7?
  4. Well since the boot loader changed with Windows 7 in order to do it correctly Windows XP should be installed and the Windows 7 since the boot loader on Windows 7 is newer. If you can find a OEM copy of Windows 7 that is the same version that your key is you can reinstall Windows 7 and that should restore the boot loader.

    One thing to remember for the future is be be sure you have all the tools including any install disc's you may need before you jump in and install a 10 year old OS.

    What software are you using that will not work with Windows 7? I have yet to run any software that would not work with Windows 7. I have some that need compatibility mode but they atleast still work.
  5. If you ever have to perform this setup again follow the guide in link below
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