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Well i plan on building a custom pc but have been wondering if the dell inspiron 1440 oem disc would work with it i know i most likely wont be able to use the serial code to activate it but im wondering if it would install. :??:
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  1. It should work OK for the install but you will need a OEM key for what ever version of Windows that disc is using. As long as you have a OEM key that will fit you should be fine. All you can do is try it and see if it will work.
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    I typically install from a single DVD (same copy for years) and skip the registration process during installation. You have 30 days to activate your copy of Windows.

    You will need a new key code for the PC - which you can purchase at anytime before the 30 days has expired. The DELL OEM DVD may not work - it may state that it won't "work for this type of PC" (or a similar message).

    You can always give it a try...from the legal dept...."You must buy a new license for the new custom build - as the DELL OEM license applies only to the mobo/cpu of the DELL Inspiron 1440 you purchased."
  3. Well alrighty then thanks!
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