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Hey guys,

i am shopping for a laptop for school ( i live in Canada) and i'm having a hard time deciding between these two:

Asus a53sv-xn1 - $863.98 (taxes and shipping included)
15.6 inch screen (1366 x 768)
i5 2410m
6gb ram
750 hdd 7200 rpm
geforce gt 540m 1gb
1 year accidental warranty

Acer Aspire AS4755G-6457 - $794.10(taxes and shipping incl.)
15.6 inch screen (1366 x 768)
i5 2410m
6gb ram
750 hdd 5400 rpm
geforce gt 540m 1gb

The acer is $69 bucks cheaper with almost identical specs. On the other hand, the asus has the 7200 rpm hdd while the acer has the 5400. Also, the asus has accidental warranty (spill, surge, fire). So, what do you guys recommend i go with? is it worth spending the extra for better build quality? (I've heard good things about asus but not so much about acer). I plan on keeping this laptop for the next 4-5 years, so I'm looking for something durable.

Also, any other laptop recommendations with specs in the price range of the laptops mentioned above, are welcome.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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  1. ASUS tends to make their own parts, like motherboards and video cards and they are some of the best parts around, so the ASUS will be MUCH better quality then the Acer. Acer tends to be a low quality company with terrible support ASUS's support is much better. In my opinion the reliability of ASUS, who I have always had a good experience with, plus the 1 year accidental warranty is definetly worth the extra 60 bucks, the ASUS brand name or the warranty alone is worth $60 to me.

    Regarding the RPMs, the higher RPM with have a small impact on disk data rates, but not realy a big difference, so that's realy just a small detail.
  2. Asus generally does have a better name, but Acer being one of the largest laptop manufacturers in the world isn't bad either. I think the fact that you hear so much more bad things about Acer has more to do with the volume of laptops they sell, than a true reliability issue (i mean, if 1% of both brands of laptop fail, since Acer sells more, it would then appear that they have more problems than Asus).

    Regarding the hard drive rpm issue, it will affect data access time to some degree, but the higher rpm hdd will also drain the battery faster as well, so that is something else to consider when comparing the hard drives.

    Both laptops seems to be great deals though :)
  3. ASUS, all the way! Acer are some of the lowest quality computers I have ever seen. I know several people who have had big problems with them. I also know ASUS machines are fine and high quality. I've never known someone with a problem with them, and I was impressed highly by the asus transformer I got from my school.
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