Using flash drive to install windows 7 home premium does not recognized flash dr


My hard drive crashed (Toshiba Satellite) and I don't have a Win 7 installaton disc; I did back up my data prior to crash, :).

I've done the following:
- Bought and installed a Seagate HDD (1T)
- Created a bootable Flash Drive with X17-58997 iso (Win 7). I used Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.
- Plugged USB Flash Drive to laptop with new HDD and turned on power
- Pressed F2, went into BIOS, selected Flash Drive as first option to boot from, saved configuration.
- When system started it did not recognize the Flash Drive...

Any ideas?
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  1. Did you decompress the ISO to the USB flash drive?
  2. ronintexas said:
    Did you decompress the ISO to the USB flash drive?

    He said he used the Windows USB tool. that does all that for you to make it bootable and copy all the files to the drive.
  3. No idea I had to do that (not very savvy in these matters). How do I decompress the ISO?
  4. Ok, if not 'decompression', what else might I try?
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