AMD or Pentium 4?

Hi, I'm planning to get a pc soon and I'm having a hard time deciding which system is better.

Some people say AMD is better then again, some people say that P4s are better. COuld someone explained to me what the major differences are between the 2 CPUs?

I would be doing a lot of 2d/3d and games on my system, and so far I managed to come up with a setup but I'm not too sure if this is the right choice.

I was hoping to get some opinions on my setup and any other helpful infos, thanks

P4 1.6AG
SOYO Dragon Ultra w/RAID
IBM 40gb ULTRA - ATA/100 x2
VisionTek XTASY 6964 64mb Geforce3 ti 500
and planning to get it at

many thanks in advanced.
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  1. Do a forum search, in the last 2 weeks there has been not less than 5 threads on this topic.

    Quick answer.

    If you want to overclock alot, hardcore wise, go for the p4.

    If you want minor overclocking, and good performance for price, go axp.

    Read the other threads for details.

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  2. the most important thing for games is the graphics card. more is better. geforce3 ti 500 is nice.

    i wont argue the merits of which chip is better. its been done to death.

    just to say the AMD equivalent of your system would be an XP1600+ with 512mb of PC2100 DDR ram on a KT266A chipset.

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  3. Actually the XP system would be MUCH MORE performant in any case literally.
    But yeah you people should really not put up these questions! Hooboy...this is gonna attract some flaming if it all goes accordingly! Oh well....

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  5. Even if you look or post AMD systeme will allwayse be recommand we are maybe 5 intel fan vs a billion of kobold.For me i dont post on this kind of post as you can see at Pc1066 post in the cpu section there only AMD fan who is reply to each others Ex: """ DDR is good yeah DDR is king damm DDR is so good"" you will never have a good advise.
  6. Quote:
    Even if you look or post AMD systeme will allwayse be recommand we are maybe 5 intel fan vs a billion of kobold.

    Did you just call 99% of the forum kobolds?

    Screw you juin, if your english is so bad that that wasnt meant as an insult, then go to a french board you [-peep-].

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  7. depends on your budget and how fast do you want. but I would pick XP1700+
  8. Yeup, I agree with Mat on that. That's why I picked up my 1.6A and TH7II-RAID. Let me know if you go P4, I'll help you decide what board and RAM to buy.

    a billion of kobold.

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  9. thanks for the opinions guys,
    yeah, after some more forum searches, I realized that there has been a lot of "Battles" between p4 and AMD, i guess it's pretty much up to one's "taste and style"
    yeah, it was a pretty dumb question, sorry guys :)

    So, if I get a p4, what motherboard and memory system should I get?
    I see that there are RDRAMS, and DDR SDRAMS?
    which one should I get? because before I thought of getting a RDRAM system but after reading that article Tom's hardware wrote about RDRAMS and DDR SDRAMs; I am all confused.

    Also if I decide to get an AMD which CPU, board and Memory should I get?
  10. If you get a Pentium 4 I would recommend an Abit TH7II motherboard and two 256MB Samsung PC800 double-sided RDRAM memory modules, for a total of 512MB of memory.


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  11. My opinion?
    P4: 1.6A with Asus P4TE with 512RDRAM. If you prefer DDR to save a little money, the Asus S333 by SiS chipset, is almost 70$ less and the performance at the 1.6GHZ level is rather moot against RDRAM. You'd best get PC2700 too. You'd also prefer to overclock it a bit, I beleive it's relatively safe to OC to 2GHZ at least.

    AXP: XP1700+, mobo Epox 8KHA+ with 512DDR PC2100. The EP-8KHA+ is still one of the fastest board with the KT266A chipset and you can't go wrong with that. This system is definitly far above the 1.6A unless overclocked so you decide!

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