Me and my athlon Temp again.


Ok as in a previous post i stated i just changed my Mobo from a Jetway to an ASUS A7A266'but since then my Athlon 900Mhz T-bird temp has increased from around 45 degrees up to about 51-57.
I think someone previously stated that the ASUS probe was inaccurate'but i am also using Speedfan which is giving the higher temps too.

Anyway today i went out and bought what i was advised was the ultimate fan and heatsink with a Copper core etc and i am still getting 51+ degrees.

Firstly can anyone explain why the increase with temp with the same chip.

Secondly does it really matter.
Is under 60 degrees perfectly ok and i'm worrying about nothing.

Thirdly i am wanting to get a 1.4Ghz next month and will this board cope with the chip and what will happen regarding Temp increase and can the new chip withstand higher temps?

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  1. GAWD stop worrying so much. You are WAY below thermal limits.


    Look on page 4.
  2. Asus made a change to their BIOS for the A7M266 starting with BIOS revision 1005 that made the cpu temperature read 10 degrees higher. Maybe they did the same with a recent BIOS revision for the A7A266?

    This is one of the absolute stupidest things I have EVER heard of a company doing. It confuses the hell out of people and makes people panic and think that their chip is going to fry! (after I upgraded to BIOS 1005... the next day when I came home from work my cpu alarm was going off... oh the thoughts that went through my head as I rushed over to my computer thinking how it had been running all day possibly at some ungodly temperature)

    The Asus reason for the adjustment is that they believe it is now 'more accurate'... whatever...

    Maybe if you post in the forums over at you might find out if anyone can confirm that Asus messed with the cpu temperature readings for that motherboard also.

    PS - The bottom line is that if it's running stable it's ok.
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