ASUIS Eee PC 901 XP battery led blinking, won't start

Hello all, I'm first time there, hope it's right place to write.

I got for reparation an ASUS EEE PC 901 XP notebook. Simptoms: connecting AC adapter causes battey LED blinking instantly about 2 times on a second, laptop (motherboard's speaker?) makes short clicks with a quiet high tone in the rhythm of LED blinking.
(it's second on the left, pic taken from google, on my laptop all other leds are blank)
I found POST signals explaination on ASUS site, but they don't fit. Pressing power button makes no reaction. Blank screen, fans dead. When battery powered, laptop doesn't react at all. I remember it did have the same LED blinking effect on battery when pressed power button, but not sure now. Battery probably got discharged long time ago and I saw this only once.

AC adapter has 12,24V, as it's supposed to. I found over the net solution telling me to disconnect CMOS battery - I did for the whole night, didn't help.

Inside the laptop I found such thing:
sticked on the glue of CMOS battery. I remember there was something floating inside since it was new, don't know what it is and if it could make there problems, though.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Could some moderator fix typo in the topic? It seems I'm not allowed to do it...
  2. Try disconnecting the AC adaptor, removing the battery, and then holding the power button down for a few seconds. Reinstall the battery and AC adaptor and try starting it again.
  3. Yes, it was the first thing I tried, so obvious that I didn't mention it ;]
  4. My bad. It's always the first thing I try as well. It's amazing how often that usually fixes these types of issues. Unfortunately now in your situation, this sounds like a bad motherboard.
  5. Yeah, tell me something I don't (want to) know :P
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