Strange Mouse Behavior, unheard of.

On wendnesday night out of no where. My mouse started to act funky. What happens is that my right click would randomly work. After couple more hours, it became worse. My right click rarely worked, when it did work it was lagged.

Now on thursday night, it completly stoped working. Then after I tried many things, it worked again but with all those malfunctions.

So here's a list of things I did to try and fix it.

- Tried another mouse
- Tried different USB/PS2 slots
- Defraged my computer
- Disk Cleanup
- McAfee anti-virus scan
- Random fast clicking
- WinXP crash on purpose
- System restore
- Rebooting
- Installed driver
- Uninstall random programs

Nothing worked. So then I reformated my entire computer.

Before connecting to the internet ... I STILL HAVE THE PROBLEM. This time, not only does my right click only work sometimes, but my left click acts like the right click. When I first start up, my mouse already has clicked and when I move it, it does that square selecting thing ... just like if I would've tried to select but I never did.

Sometimes I right click on an icon to go in properties, instead it drags the icon.

What the hell is going on ? This is seriously annoying and I don't know what to do =(
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  1. It might be a corrupt mouse driver, which you said u did reinstall but sometimes it doesn't always fix the problem by merely over writing the old one. Something you haven't tried that could possibly fix it, is a hdd format and reinstall of windows, also check to make sure you have like the latest service pack for windows xp, as well as the latest driver for your particular mouse.

    Failing these measures it's probably a mobo problem with the mouse controller, possibly failed, and might need the mobo replaced, but this is the last thing I can think of due to you have tried everything else.

    But attempt the format first, after verifying u have the latest SP and such
  2. Cord or wireless?
  3. youre mouse might be dying.
  4. or caught in a mouse trap: LOL
  5. go to the mouse property page and check it's settings

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  6. try another OS it sometimes works.

    Sory for the bad english
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