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I started having a problem today where the letter "w" keeps typing or inserting itself into my documents or web browser (random keyboard entries). Anywhere I can type, it will periodically just insert itself. I use an external keyboard and thought maybe that was it, but unplugging it did nothing to help, not even a restart. I also noticed that periodically menu selections would occur or windows selected even though they had not been, kind of like a spontaneous click. The application is use made no difference either.

Has anyone encountered this? I'm inclined to think it's a virus of some sort, but don't know.ww
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  1. Have you tried a different keyboard?
  2. I have scoured the forums looking to solve this and everybody asks the same question "Have you tried another keyboard". Yes I tried a different keyboard (as indicated in my original question) and that did nothing. It turns out however that I have since found out the answer. I had my keyboard and mouse plugged into a USB hub. The USB hub was not self powered and there appeared to be too much load on the hub causing erratic behavior in both the mouse and keyboard. I plugged the mouse into it's own usb port and no further issues. I found a clue to this on a another blog and wanted to share the result because nobody really had a direct solution.

    This worked. Problem solved.
  3. good job, thanks for the share, i've experienced some erratic usb behaviours, but not specifically like that.
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