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Good Evening,
Last year I downloaded a full version of Win7 Professional/Premium with the intent of eventually putting it on a computer I was building. The day has finally arrived, and now realize how the heck do I create a bootable version of the download. Now mind you, I have read most of the posts using WinFlash, Virtual Clone, Win/USB but can't seem to find an answer on how to create a bootable from a non-ISO executable. The file I have that executes the installation is [Win7-P-Retail-en-us-x64], I also have two files named: [] and [], and then a folder that is named expanded setup.

Am I stuck like Chuck with a file that must be loaded on a drive with an existing OS? As far as I am concerned this is the full version of Win7 and not the upgrade. I am going to try to load the file onto a USB and see if the BIOS will recognize the executable, but at this point that is only thing I have going for me, I am open to any other suggestions. Also, I do not have an ISO of the file.

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  1. Is this a legal, paid-for version? If not, you won't get any help here.
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