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I am looking to buy a mid range gaming laptop priced anywhere from $700-$1,000 (warranty included). I am not someone who needs to play on high settings, but I would also like this laptop to be able to last long enough to play upcoming (mostly Dota 2 and Diablo III) and future games without worry.

I live in the US and would prefer to buy an ASUS laptop, as I read they are the most reliable and durable.

I have two current options that I was looking at:




I am kind of leaning toward the Costco one because of the extended manufacturer warranty, Costco's apparently amazing return policy, and the extra RAM and i7 vs. i5.

If anyone knows of any better options, I would definitely love the advice!

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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  1. NEwbie myself too, whose looking laptop... in my country those laptops are 100-200 dollars more expensive. Bad thing is 1 year warranty. Well I dont look that high gamer laptop i found myself with same price a bit lower specs but 3 year warranty. As far as I know. Dell is knows for its quality.. dont know much about ASUS.

    dell Inspiron n5110
    http://flex.ee/3659-Dell-Inspiron-N5110-Must ITs foreign language but specs are english
    i3-2310m 2.1Ghz
    1x3GB RAM 1333Mhz
    nVidia GeForce GT 525M 1GB
    500GB 7200RPM
    15.6'' WXGA 1366x768 LED Glare
  2. How's this: $30 more expensive, and a slightly small HDD, but a much better graphics card, which is probably more important for gaming.

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