Argh! My CPU keeps over-heating!!

My story begins with a Gigabyte GA-7DXR board, a 1.4Tbird with Titan cooler, and a standard ATX case. The CPU was constantly overheating when inside the case, with the BIOS showing the temp at over 100 celcius.

Yesterday I took delivery of a Lian Li case with 3 case fans, a Zalman silent cooler (rated for 1.4Tbird), and an Enermax Whisper CPU.

If I run the Zalman fan at high speed, the CPU runs at 80 celcius, or 86 on low speed. The computer seems to be running fine, but I'm concerned that there is something serious wrong.

Could the board be mis-reporting the temperature? The heatsink is always quite hot, though I don't know if this is of any relevance.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Is the heatsink hot, or hot enough to burn you? If it's not burning you it's not 100 degrees, simple as that. Besides, your CPU would burn out before reaching that temperature.
    I'd say the temp is being reported incorrectly.

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  2. that temperature value must be in Farenheit, not Celcius.

    its about 35°C, quite okay for the Tbird!


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  3. The heatsink itself isn't too hot to touch, but it's hot enough to warm my hands up!

    As for the temperature reading, I'm pretty sure it's in Celcius as the case temperature is around 25 degrees.

    Thanks for the input,

  4. If the computer was stalling when you say it was overheating at 100 degrees celsius, I might believe these temps; AMD procs are rated to 90-95 degrees. While hot enough to stall your system, it wouldn't actually fry the proc.

    Most mobos use an external sensor underneath the socket to determine CPU temp; my feeling is that these are highly inaccurate. Mine currently says I am running at 45 degrees full load (SETI 24/7), but the proc will stall if it gets up over 55. This indicates to me that my mobo is reporting its temps at about 40 degrees less than the actual internal temp of the chip.

    Following this logic, 80-86 degrees would report as 40-46 on my board and would be just fine. It seems that many of the boards being sold recently are having some sort of temperature correction done in the sensor circuitry.

    Just to be safe, I would check the installation of your HSF to verify that the indented lip is correctly aligned with the corresponding area of the socket and that it is not tilted.

    If the system is stable, I'd say you're fine.

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