Cannot reformat Windows 7

I try to reformat win 7 in pc but after i select the language time and so on and click next....nothing happen...cannot repair startup cannot boot into Windows.....I suspect something wrong with the MBR and how do I fix this...fell free to ask...thank you
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  1. You can't format the OS drive from within windows. Insert the windows install dvd and during the install process there are options to parttiton and format the drive.
  2. I think he IS in startup, "select language, time and so on"

    It could be a problem with the hard drive itself. But first, try deleting your partitions and reformatting the drive the next time you run through setup, like Hawkeye said.
  3. Maybe your DVD/CD is bad. File cannot being copy when you are formatting? Try it on another PC or you try to burn it on another DVD/CD.
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