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I purchased a GT780R-012US last week. Any retail system is obviously filled with bloatware. I want to format my setup to have a clean version of Windows 7 installed with none of that extra software. MSI does not give a recovery disc set, however they do have F3 recovery on boot, and they also have preinstalled "BurnRecovery" which allows you to burn DVD's to create your own recovery disc set.

I know that if I use my licensed copy of Windows 7 to format my laptop if will wipe all of the recovery functions and the RAID setup on dual hard drives.

My question: Does anyone know if I create the DVD Recovery Disc Set from the preinstalled, if I can revert back to the initial configuration of my laptop, including RAID setup, as well as the F3 recovery option on boot- after I install fresh clean Windows 7?
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  1. Those recovery discs will probably have the bloat ware on them.. if you use MSI's setup.

    You could just take the time to uninstall those softwares you don't need. Then use ccleaner to delete the old registries.

    I don't know if the recovery discs will retain the setup (RAID etc..)

    If you install a new fresh partition of Win7, you'll be working from the ground up.
  2. Yes, I know the discs have the bloatware on them. Forgot about this thread.. MSI support finally gave me a response. Here is the answer if anyone comes across this thread seeking the same.

    I asked MSI if I could upgrade one hard drive to an SSD using AHCI and no longer RAID, and install a fresh OS to the SSD, and still be able to revert to original config if I decide I want to go with the raid setup and 2xHDD.

    The technicians reply was:
    "Yes if you create the recovery disc using the burn recovery software and then set the bios instead of raid to AHCI you will be able to install to one hdd and then add the second one for just storage. When you use the recovery disc it puts the laptop back into the original configuration including the recovery image used via pressing F3.
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