Are there any experts on the dell xps m1730

Hi, my boyfriend just got a used dell XPS m1730 and when he turned it on, all the lights on it worked except the Touchpad light. He went into Quickset and tried to change all the lights and it kept giving him an "error" message. So he can't change ANY of the lights and the Touchpad light does lite up period.
oh i forgot, he has Windows 7 that came installed on it..
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  1. When exactly does the light normally turn on?
    Does he use the touchpad?
    Usually the light is to signal whether or not the touchpad is active. Meaning, if you disable it, it is eithe a red light, or no light- and the touchpad wouln't move the curson if you tried using it. When it is enabled, there is a white light, or blue light etc.. and the touchpad should be active.
  2. thx for the repy, no the Touchpad lights an illuminated XPS any color, plus the frame around the Touchpad also lights up, or is supposed to...
  3. it still works as far as using the Touchpad but it does not light up as it should for the XPS...Kind of an insigma for the XPS...This is frustrating since it is no longer carried by Dell.....
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