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I know that there are probably a lot of forums with this same query, and I have tried out a couple of the fixes, but I haven't got a resolution on it yet.

My computer takes a really long time to boot, and then when it finally logs on, the Aero theme is gone and there's the old Windows 2000(or something) interface.

Furthermore, when I try restarting or logging off, it doesn't do anything.. Everything on the desktop disappears (icons, taskbar, etc.) with the exception of the wallpaper; and it just stays there like that.

So far I've tried the winsock reset fix, and this doesn't even work as a temporary fix. I've also tried out the fix where you create an Admin account and then reset the User Profile Service. Unfortunately, this doesn't really help because I can't log off the account, which is something that needs to be done on that fix.

One way I've been able to fix the Aero issue is by going to services.msc and then restarting the 'Themes' service. But again, this is only a temporary fix and it's quite annoying to have to do this over and over again.

Any help here will be appreciated. I am not extremely technical when it comes to fixing issues like this, so it would be appreciated if you could explain it to me like a 10 year old.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Try running the System File Checker:
  2. phil22 said:
    Try running the System File Checker:

    Hey, I tried that out and I got the message "Windows Resource Protection did not find any Integrity violations".

    Don't think that fixed it.
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