Acer Aspire One 522-C5DKK - cannot change resolution beyond 1024x600?


yesterday I bought a new netbook from a dicount at Curry's. Been researching the topic beforehand, I knew that the 522 can do 1280x720 ->

But... When I started the thing at my home, the maximum reported resolution is 1024x600.

I updated to the latest AMD drivers etc and tried to search the net for answer - no avail. And there's no possibility to untick the check box at the display properties for unsupported display resolutions. What could I do?

(Ok, it comes default with windows 7 starter, but that shouldn't be the issue with the resolution limit...)

thanks :)
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  1. Did you get something other than an actual model 522?
    A 522 should have started up in 1280x720 by default.

    You probably noticed that Curry's webpage shows the resolution being 1366x768.
  2. No, I double checked the product code from the bottom of the computer because I was suspecting that I got a wrong product in the first place. But it is 522. And the internal hardware is up to the specs, ie. C-50 and radeon 6250.

    I'll just try to remove every driver and reinstall new ones. Annoying though.
  3. Laptops are pretty straight forward, and I'm thinking somehow it got the wrong screen on it and then was mis-labeled.
  4. That may actually make sense :)

    I'll investigate the matter further, trying to change the EDID files this evening ( ) , but after that i'll just let it be...
  5. Hi.

    Did you get anywhere with this?

    I'm having exactly the same problem.

  6. Andrew17856 said:

    Did you get anywhere with this?

    I'm having exactly the same problem.


    Hi andrew,

    Did you found a solution to your probelm as i've got the same problem.

  7. I have same issue, have raised issue with Acer, however I am a bit worried as I have read on another forum that model C5 Dkk of the 225 pc's come with WXGA screens...which I think is 1024x600.
  8. Sorry that should have read WSVGAGS screen for the 522...
  9. So Acer make an inferior 522 and sell it in the good old UK, and alot of famouse high street PC outlets seem to sell us the inferior model.

    Looks like any deal you think you may be getting is just a pile of sh*t.

    Heres what Acer say.

    Thank you for contacting Acer UK.

    Having verified our records, I let you know that this unit is shipped with 1024 x 600 resolution.

    So that seems to be that.
  10. I can confirm that currys, pc world and dixons all sell the inferior model with the 1024x600 resolution and 3 hour battery life, If you got one from one of these stores, Back it back get a refund and buy it from amazon its might be about £30 more expensive but trust me its worth it for 1280x720 resolution and 6 hours battery life.

  11. A call to Currys yesterday was referred to their technical support. Deny all knowledge. Was it advertised as such? Take it back to store. I bought a few months ago and was definitely sold it on the basis it had the higher screen resolution. Seems to have disappeared from adverts now. Unforunately have already spent money on upgrading memory. Mike
  12. I have the same issue here. The model is clearly labelled as a 522 (on the sticker) but on the same sticker it mentions the 3-cell battery rather than the 6-cell. And upon further investigation, the resolution is also incorrect. I bought mine from an independent seller on Amazon so hopefully I'll be able to get it replaced.

    It's weird because this model isn't given a mention on Wikipedia - the only 522 mentioned is the one with the 720p display and larger battery.
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