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I am thinking of upgrading my current laptop, what I am looking for is more speed for playing my games.Looking at Samsung RC710
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  1. Whats your price range? What games do you play?
  2. Hello Maureen Ball;

    The Samsung RC710's Core i5 480M CPU isn't terrible. It should be enough for decent gaming.
    But the Nvidia GeForce 315M graphics card isn't what you want to see for any reasonable gaming @ 1600 X 900 resolution. It's more suitable for entertainment and un-demanding 3D games like Sims3 on medium settings or older games like CS:S or Doom3. It will run many recent games but only on low settings.

    It looks like the RC710 only supported the Geforce 315M. I can't find any resource that shows any other graphics card was even offered in that model. That doesn't bode well for any chance to upgrade your laptops graphics.

    It's looking like your best option is to sell the Samsung RC710 and get another laptop more geared toward gaming.
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