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I'd like to double my processor performance. A celeron 1333 would double it of course :P

but I'd like to know what kind of P III, Duron or Thunderbird would do it?
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  1. What exactly are you asking, what processor do you currently have?

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  2. What motherboard do you have, or are you getting a new motherboard?

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  3. Oops, I forgot to tell that my current processor is a Celeron II 667 MHz :) My mobo can handle FCPGA coppermine-processor.

    I'm thinking about a cheap upgrade so a new Celeron or a P III would be OK, but I might switch to an AMD-system, because it would be easier and cheaper to upgrade later (although I'd need a new mobo and stuff).
  4. there is no Celeon 1333 MHz, and probabely never would be. Right now the fastest Celeron you can get is 1.3 GHz with 100 MHz FSB, but your board wont take it since it is made with a new core and needs a different chipset support with the 815E/EP B0 step or i815EG or VIA 694T or SiS630T etc.

    The fastest Celeron you can put i your system is 1.1 GHz which has the same old core and can work with your current motherboard.


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  5. I knew that. I was just making a stupid calculation (667x2) :)

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  6. IMO, the best upgrade path here would be an ECS K7S5A with an AXP 1600-1800+. You could use your old RAM if it is PC133 capable. If not, get some good quality PC2100.

    Lowest cost in above scenario:
    ~US$170 with old PC133 RAM
    ~US$230 with new 256MB DDR RAM

    If you have a larger budget, well, tell us what it is.

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  7. I've thought this a bit more and I think I'll just get an Athlon XP 1700 or 1800. And a mb with VIA 266A.

    I guess I need a new PSU also. The one I've got is propably junk.

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  8. Thanks for the information ... good stuff!

    Man, wouldn't it be great if information like this could be found in a searchable database? Only a really experienced user would know something like this!

    Whatcha think about that idea, girish?


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  10. The two most popular KT266a motherboards seem to be the Abit KR7a and the Asus A7v266-E. I'd recommend one of those. What brand of motherboard do you have right now? If you're happy with the brand, you could always stick with it.

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  11. Is there any known problems using these cards with VIA266A?

    -Soundblaster PCI64V
    -Asus V7100 Geforce 2 MX (i'm getting a better one of course)
    -Hauppage WinTV Go tv-card
    -RealMagic Hollywood+ decoder
    -Pinnacle Studio Firewire card
    -3COM 10/100

    EDIT: these are the cards I currently have

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  12. Seems OK to me but it seems like you want to do some video work so you might want to look at a cheapish dual monitor card from Matrox(G450/550) to replace the graphics card with-they can be more useful than a more expensive gaming card and have good RAMDAC spec for DVD playback etc-maybe spend your money on a better soundcard instead?
  13. The video stuff is just a small hobby of mine. I'd rather get a card for gaming (although I don't do that much either). Something like an Ati Radeon 7500 would be ok.

    I'm not sure I need a new soundcard either, unless the one I've got hogs resources?

    This is what I originally was asking for (although in a funny way).. A comparison between Celeron, P III, Duron and Athlon.

    I wont bother you anymore :)

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