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I don't know about anyone else, but it looks to me like AMD's processor roadmap has become far more aggressive in the Hammer rollout and replacement of Athlon as the performance AMD chip.

IIRC, just a month or so ago, Athlon was slated to be the main desktop chip until the middle of next year. Now, from the looks of things, Athlon is getting phased out as the main desktop chip early in 03.


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  1. Another note....

    It looks like AMD will start phasing Duron out in the 2nd half of this year.

    I wonder if AMD is considering moving Athlon production over to UMC and only producing Hammers in Dresden by the end of Q103.

    That would make sense to me.

    AMD has stated that the Hammer chips should be similar in price to current Athlons. That's an aggressive price, but until I see otherwise I'll assume AMD has a good idea of what the costs will be.

    My guess is AMD could actualy start mass production of Hammer in late Q2 or early Q3 to build up inventory. How long does the process take from start to finish? a few weeks?


    When all else fails, throw your computer out the window!!!
  2. AMD planned that all along....Duron will probably cease production (except for the higher clocked and mobile versions) when Hammer rolls out and Athlon XP will slowly begin to fade out in 2003. Clawhammer will be very aggressive in 2003 and will reach a maximum PR value of +4400 at the end of 03. God knows what Sledgehammer will reach by that time.

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  3. Yes AMD planned that all along judging by their roadmaps of the past 6-12 months. HOWEVER, what I am getting at is they seem to have accellerate it by nearly 6 months.

    Some had guessed UMC would produce Durons in Taiwan, but based on this roadmap, I have to think they are slated to produce Athlons initially and to skip Duron production altogether.

    While AMD initially (12-24 months ago) had projected a 1H02 release for Hammer, and they pushed that back by 6-9 months, it seems to me that Hammer development is on track (AMD has said as much) and perhaps exceeding their earlier expectations.


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  4. will there be another lower performance chip to replace the duron? they are so cheap and they are perfect for most of the people i build computers for.

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  5. Yes, the Athlon will be the new Duron when the Hammer ships - just like the PIII has become the celeron - well, almost - they had to limit the FSB and cache so that it wouldn't outperform the P4... :tongue:

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  6. A P3 1GHZ still costs the same as a P4 1.6GHZ here. They didn't lower their price. The Celeron is the ...well Celeron!

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  7. AMD has kept quiet in this respect. Their roadmaps have consistently said As the market demands for Duron and Athlon as they go on in time.

    A couple months ago Duron was to be phased out near the end of the year with that signifier and Athlon was to be phased out sometime next year with that signifier. Now the roadmap sems to indicate 3-6 month ecceleration of this, with Athlon being given As market demands signifier from the beginning of 03 and Duron beginning h2 this year.


    When all else fails, throw your computer out the window!!!
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