Gateway laptop model # MD7822U recalls

I purchased a Gateway Laptop Model #MD7822U at a local electronic and office supply shop after carefully looking for several months beforehand as to select one with the options I desired. I believe it was about $1000 and on sale for aprox. $600. I also bought a tricked out printer at the same time. I can submit a copy of receipts if needed with the exact amount paid in cash. Soon after the port hole outlet for the power cord seemed to be slipping further and further into the hole and the power cord box would become so hot as to burn the flesh and I was constantly having to disconnect to cool it { via my own commom sense}.
I took it back to where it was purchased and was told it was fine. A few weeks later the power cord quit and I purchased a new one and it too ran hot ,but I was assured all was well and to use the little velcro strap to hang it to keep it cool.
The Gateway Laptop came with a one year warranty! Exactly one year and ten days after the the date of purchace and excactly ten days after the warranry expired the power cord porthole completley dislodged and went into the hole.

I took it once again back to purchase place and was told that the plug was atttached to the mother board and would cost $375.00 to repair. I had it repaired and for the second time almost one year to the date it failed.
This time was completley without warning 'A BZZZ a Poof and a billow of smoke that smelled of burning wires. I feared I would be electricuted trying to unplug it from the surge protecter that plugged into a wall soccet.
In additrion after several times of contacting Gateway via email and phone, I still to this date have not recieved the rebates promised for the laptop and the printer that was purchased with the Gateway lap top. I lost all my files ,wedding pics and pics of my family incluging my grandchildren not to mention the expense ,fear of mortal danger an disappointment.
Along the way I carefully compiled and filed on hard copy all of this evidence as I have stated and more. I am eager to submit all if the not for my compensetation then to at least warn others and besmirch Gateway name.
Sincerely and respectfully
Paula j. Duweck
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  1. Paula Duweck said:
    I lost all my files ,wedding pics and pics of my family incluging my grandchildren
    Your hard drive and your files might have survived the failure of your laptop motherboard.
    Attach the hard drive to another computer and see if you can recover your files.
    And remember to back them up!!! DVD discs work great for backing up files.
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