Any 12-13inch llano laptops available?

I am looking for a cheap small laptop.

I would think a small llano laptop would give the best bang for the buck, but I can't find any that small.
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  1. I've seen some 14" notebooks like the TOSHIBA Satellite L745D 14"Notebook AMD A6-3400M(1.4GHz) & Radeon HD 6520G $600 but nothing yet in the smaller sizes.
  2. TOSHIBA Satellite L730-ST4N01 13.3" Notebook $579
    Core i3-2310M & Intel HD 3000 graphics / 4.6lbs & 5.75hs battery

    MSI X370-062US 13.4" Notebook $580
    AMD Fusion E-350(1.6GHz) 4GB 500GB HDD 7200rpm 13.4" 1366x768 AMD Radeon HD 6310 3.11lbs & 8hrs battery (with 8 cell battery)
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