New mini SD card wont format

driving me insane!!! new micro sd card using laptop windows 7 have sd use adapter, can see drive but and try to format then stops and says windows unable to format.
Tried going through my comuputer>manage
but still the same
wanting to put movies onto card for tablet.

any idea???? please
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  1. try formatting the sd card in the device itself....
  2. Other than what teaser suggested, this might sound really simple but there isn't a write-protection tab enabled on the sd adapter card is there?
  3. Hi

    is this a micro SD card (max 2GB) ?

    or a micro SDHC card (4GB up) ?

    if micro SDHC is reader compatible ?

    what brand is card ?

    they usually come pre-formated why does it need re formatting ? (are their other problems with card)

    has this card been used or formatted in a Linux / Unix file system ? if so what format is it ?


    Mike Barnes
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