Can't connect two external monitors to my laptop, help please.

I am having a problem with my HP dv 6090 laptop, HP made the VGA and hdmi ports really close, so when u connect the VGA cable it blocks part if the hdmi port and makes it useless. I read from the HP site that the card ib my laptop can handle up to six external monitors, I just want two but because if this bad design I can only use one external monitor.

Is there a sulotuion for this problem? Is there a VGA cable without the screws, because it might work if the VGA cable don't have them.
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  1. Hello Alabdulsalam;

    The 15pin D-Sub connector is pretty much a standard size.
    You'll probably have to build (or modify) one on your own.
    And it shouldn't be that hard for you to do.
  2. I am not very good with tools, but I'll try to cut the parts that hold the screws, I hope there is a more simple solution though.
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