Looking for a i7 laptop...

I am looking for a laptop which:
1. Is in the range of $599 - $999
2. Has a i7 processor.
3. Has discrete graphics. (preferably nvidia)
4. Has USB 3.0
5. May have any amount of storage (lower, the better since I am going to put in an SSD eventually)

I have ASUS N53SV-XE1 in mind but if there is any better or cheaper model, feel free to post it.. :)
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  1. what are you using it for? Not all discrete graphics cards are created equal. Some are in fact worse than the integrated graphics cards that come on the new Intel i3/5/7s.
  2. Dell XPS 15 15.6-inch "Sandy Bridge" Laptop under $900
    Core i7-2630QM, 4GB RAM, 500GB 7200rpm HDD, 15.6" 1366x768 LCD w/ GT 540M graphics.
    With the GT 525M graphics it's under $800.
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