Hi all, I'm newly registered here although I have been coming to this site for a while. My current buisness (when I am not being a student)is PC manufacturing on a small scale. I am a member of a loose groop of teckies at my highschool and we sell to the rest of our school population and surrounding community, Mainly so we can have money for new pc components. I just thought it would be cool to have a thread where everybody would post their PC's specs.
PC-1, Dual PIII 1Ghz on ABIT VP6
1536 megs PC133 Ram
two Maxtor 30gb ata 100 7200rpm Hard drives
GeForce 2 MX 400 32mb
Sounblaster Live 5.1
12x DVD and 12x8x32 CDRW
PC-2, (being assembled) P4 2.2Ghz on ABIT BD7-R
512 pc2100 ram
Maxtor 80 gb 7200rpm ata 133
GeForce 4 TI 4400 128mb
Soundblaster Adigy Platnium
32x10x40x CDRW & 16X DVD
Those are my systems id like to see anyone else respond...
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  1. P4 1.6a
    MSI 645 Ultra
    512mb PC2700 DDR-SDRAM CL2
    60gb IBM 60gxp
    Hercules GeForce2 Ultra
    Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer
  2. Axp 1700+@2000+(150fsb)
    Abit KG& raid mobo
    Geforce 3 pure@230/530
    768megs(corsair) pc21002.5 ddr@ PC2400CL2 Turbo.
    60gig gxp60 main drive
    2x 45gig 75gxps in raid0(waiting for them to die for rma).
    Turtlebeach SantaCruz Sound.

    Cable internet w00t.

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
    No Overclock+stock hsf=GOOD!
  3. P4 1.6A @ 2.48741 (1.725v, retail heatsink)
    Abit TH7II-RAID
    512MB in two double-sided sticks of Samsung RDRAM (PC930 speeds ATM)
    Asus V7100 Deluxe (MX400) - Radeon 8500 being RMA'd, it was DOA
    Hercules Game Theater XP
    Netgear FA310tx
    Two Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 60 30GBs in RAID 0 (although I'm getting terrible performance for some reason)
    10GB Western Digital 5400RPM used for backups
    Afreey 12x DVD
    Teac 12/10/32 CD-RW
    Mitsumi floppy
    CasEdge case
    Enermax 431w PSU
    Generic 17" monitor from Fry's (planning on a 19" aperture grille Viewsonic)
    Logitech iTouch wireless keyboard
    Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer v3 (it rocks, I have two)
    Logitech WingMan Force 3D with force feedback
    D-Link C-100 webcam
    POS 7-piece Juster speakers
    Sony MDR-G52 headphones (what I normally use0
    Labtec microphone (works great for Roger Wilco)
    Cable internet (AT&T) through a D-Link DI-804 router

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  4. dual xp1700 retail's
    1gb ddr2100 infineon registered
    tyan s2460 (wow, imagine that. usb works!)
    60gxp 40gb (OS drive)
    3x 60gxp 60gb on fasttrak100 (capture drives)
    60gb ieee ibm external(backups)
    muse xL
    realtek NIC
    2x 17" viewsonic pf775 on g550
    usb kb
    cheapest usb logitech mouse
    wacom 6x8 intuos
    pioneer 106s
    24/10/40 lite-on
    in-win q500 (fulltower)
    enermax 550w psu
    <i>soon</i>: pionneer a03 (yum!)
    I run duals because i multitask between notepad, outlook express and winamp :lol: <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mbetea on 03/06/02 01:03 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  5. hasnt this been done already (im not trying to be mean)...

    P4 NW 2.0
    256 mb pc2700
    R8500 retail (using 6043 drivers!!!)
    SB live! 5.1
    realtek nic
    lucent modem
    16x dvd
    4x4x24 burner
    sony multiscan e100 monitor
    60 gig maxtor HD 7200rpm
    logitech cordless optical mouse
    logitech easy internet keyboard
    win xp pro

    i have like 4 other computers...but i dont want to type them all up...so this will have to do

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  6. <b><font color=blue><i>System 1</b></i></font color=blue>
    Asus A7V133 with Thunderbird 1G@1400MHz
    384MB PC-133
    Leadtek Winfast GeForce2 Pro
    IBM 60GXP 40G ATA100 HD
    Quantum Atlas III 18G LVD Ultra2 Wide SCSI HD
    IBM Ultrastar 4.3G LVD U2W SCSI HD
    Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value
    <font color=blue><b><i>System 2</b></i></font color=blue>
    Abit KG7-RAID with Athlon MP1600 (1400MHz) overclocked XP2000+ (1667MHz)
    Nanya 256MB PC2700
    Gainward GeForce3 Power Pack VIVO
    Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value
    IBM 60GXP ATA100 40G HD
    IBM 25GXP ATA66 27G HD

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  7. <font color=green>System1</font color=green>
    p-4 NW 2.0a
    512 kingmax pc2700
    enermax 431 psu
    inwin q500 full tower
    santa cruz sound
    pos 4.1 speakers
    plantronics hs-1 headset
    lite-on 32x cdrw
    sony 52x cdrom
    2, maxtor ata 7200rpm 40gb hddS
    Soyo p4s dragon ultra mobo
    onboard sis900 nic
    retail radeon 8500 9017 drivers (win 98se)
    teac floppy
    5.25 bay dual 90mm fans exahusting from top bay, 1 rear exhaust fan above psu , 1 120mm cardfan , 1 front intake fan
    ms force feedback stick, ms precision pro stick
    6 usb ports 2 in rear 4 in front in 5.25 bay
    usr 2077 pci hardware modem
    toshiba pcx1100u cable modem
    d-link 704 router

    <font color=green> System 2</font color=green>
    p-III 800 eb @ 864
    asus cusl2-c mobo
    smc nic
    usr pci modem as above
    full tower, 300 watt powerman psu
    dual floppy drive (yes thats right a 5.25 and 3.5 in one bay lol)
    soundblaster live 5.1
    ibm gxp 120 40 gb ata 100 7200rpm hdd
    wd 13 gb ata 66 5600 hdd
    yamaha 16x cdrw
    memorex 48cx cdrom
    visiontek geforce 3 ti200
    same cable connects as above as well as external joysticks etc


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  8. <font color=blue>#1</font color=blue> My wife's
    P4 2.0A
    Asus P4T-E
    1024Mb Rdram
    WD600BB 60Gb 7200rpm
    V8200 T5 Gf3 Ti500 Deluxe
    SB Audigi EX
    Pioneer 116s DVD and Liteon 16x10x40 CDRW

    <font color=green> #2 </font color=green>now is(to be upgrade this week-end)Mine:
    AXP 1800+
    (next week 2000+)
    Gigabyte GA7DXR+
    640Mb DDR
    (next week 1024)
    2 x Maxtor 6L080L 80Gb 7200 on RAID "0"
    Asus V8460 (sample ,i will loose it friday :frown: )
    (next week back to my 8500DV [crying])
    SB 5.1
    (next week SB Extigy)
    LG 52x Cdrom + Liteon 40x12x48 CDRW

    <font color=red>#3</font color=red> My Son's and the firewall in the same time:
    P3 300
    Asus P3V4X
    256Mb Sdram
    WD100EB 20Gb 5400rpm
    ATI rage fury whit tv-out!!!
    Wisetech sound card (brand new!!!)
    Sony 10x DVD (slowly dying)

    The faster a computer is, the faster it will reach a crashed state :eek:
  9. Here's my rig...
    Intel P55C MMX @ 200Mhz
    48Mb EDO RAM ( 2x16Mb 2x8Mb )
    Shuttle HOT 553 Motherboard
    Intel i430HX Chipset
    Guillemot Maxi Gamer 16Mb VooDoo Banshee Graphic Card
    NEC 7500 10x/4x/48x Burner
    Sound Blaster 16 ISA
    Diamond SupraMAX 56i V.90 Modem ( SUP 2260 )
    1 x 1.01Gb & 1x 4.01Gb HDD
    1.44Mb Floppy
    220-250W Generic Power Supply
    Generic AT "beige box" case

    I'm upgrading soon for a Duron CPU. I'm looking for a 333DDR Socket A board with audio. Unfortunately, there are no retailers holding stocks of or willing to order an iWill 333 here in Montréal, i'll have to wait for the via 333 to hit the local market. =/

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  10. Sid va voir chez LCI ,je crois qu il est capable de commender des Iwill .

    The faster a computer is, the faster it will reach a crashed state :eek:
  11. Merci, j'vais m'essayer avec LCI ! J'ai déjà contacté Microbytes mais ils m'ont vraiment déçus en me disant "On à pas ce board là, j'me demande ben c'que tu peux ben vouloir faire avec ça !" J'ai aussi vu d'autres détaillants locaux qui m'ont répondu la même chose...

    P.S. @ THGF Readers : Sorry for my french reply, i'll be glad to translate at your request.

    Fok Speling Misstake
  12. my computer sucks.

    athlon 1.55GHz
    384MB PC133 SDRAM
    ibm 60gxp 40gb ata100
    geforce2 gts 32mb (LOL!!!)
    sb live x-gamer
    some crappy cdrom and dvd drives
    the only good thing is my cpu and case. hehe. oh, and my monitor and keyboard. everything else sucks. i buy new computer when tbred's come out, then i will get a job and buy more stuffs.

    oh yeah then there is my second computer.

    athlon 1.33GHz
    512MB PC133 SDRAM
    GeForce2 Ti
    sb live platinum
    and i forget the rest. hehe.

    <font color=red><pre>i so good i jealous of me</pre><p></font color=red><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Grizely1 on 03/06/02 03:46 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  13. Athlon Xp 1700+
    Abit KR7A-Raid
    256mb PC2100 Crucial Ram.
    Hercules Muse Xl
    Antec SX840 Workstation
    52x LiteOn CDR
    Radeon 8500 64mb Retail
    Wester digital 40g 7200 rpm HD.
    Antec 400w Psu
    Some old cheapo Altec Lansing speakers
    17" Trinitron Flatscreen CRT
    SupraMax 56k
    D-link Ethernet card
    Last and also least...a generic floppy drive that has served me faithfully for 3 years without a glitch. :)

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  14. Don't woory Sid , there is a lot more french guys here that you can imagine!!
    This aint the 1st french post they've seen here...
    Bien le bonjour de Montreal on the Beach!

    The faster a computer is, the faster it will reach a crashed state :eek:
  15. Quote:
    Merci, j'vais m'essayer avec LCI ! J'ai déjà contacté Microbytes mais ils m'ont vraiment déçus en me disant "On à pas ce board là, j'me demande ben c'que tu peux ben vouloir faire avec ça !" J'ai aussi vu d'autres détaillants locaux qui m'ont répondu la même chose...

    Thank you, I am going to venture with LCI! I have already
    contacted Microbytes but they really disappointed me by saying to me " one in step this board there, I wonder ben what you can ben want to make with that! " I also saw the other local retail dealers who answered me the same thing(matter)...

    <A HREF="http://www.translate.ru/eng/" target="_new"> for the language challenged </A>


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  16. Enlight 7237
    Tbird 1400
    Abit KG7-RAID
    1 gig PC2100 CAS2
    Elsa geforce 2 GTS
    Sound blaster Live!
    Intel 10/100 NIC
    USR 56k pro modem
    2x Western Digital 30 gig mirrored for critical data
    IBM Serveraid 4H (4 channel 160 scsi raid controller, 266 copper power pc cpu and 128/32/1 meg batter backup caches)
    2x IBM 36.4 10000 rpm ultra 160 drives striped for OS&apps
    LG 12x DVD
    Sony 24x CDRW
    Floppy drive (dont know why, it just takes space!)
    HP 21" monitor

    Various other systems of little interest that get changed and swapped too often to keep track!!!

    Jesus saves, but Mario scores!!!
  17. Ok it lacks sence in the translation but it is pretty good , it gives the general idea.

    Ok ca manque de sens dans la traduduction mais c'est plutot bien , ca donne l'idee general .

    Translated by myself...full of mistakes both in french and english !! :tongue: .

    The faster a computer is, the faster it will reach a crashed state :eek:
  18. Seems Griz's needs to step up to an Radeon 8500 for $160 US :D

    THGC, saving 1 pc user from buying a GeForce4 MX at a time.
  19. im getting a geforce4 ti4600 ;)

    <font color=red><pre>i so good i jealous of me</pre><p></font color=red>
  20. Celeron II 667(@730)MHz
    Asus CUSL2-C mobo
    192MB SDRAM
    Asus V7100 Geforce 2 MX 32MB
    15" Hyundai monitor
    Soundblaster PCI64V
    Maxtor 30GB & Seagate 10 GB hard drives
    Pioneer 10x DVD
    Mitsumi CD-writer (2x)
    3COM 10/100 nic
    Hauppauge WinTV-card
    RealMagic Hollywood+
    StudioDV card

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by samwyse on 03/07/02 05:43 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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