Upgrading my win 32 bit to 64 bit


I want to upgrade for the following reasons:

1 - To add an SSD for faster launching of windows and programme files, leaving everything else on a standard hard drive.

2 - to access more than 4mg ram

Can anybody advise me on the following please:

1 - If I simply install an SSD then install Win7 64 bit on it, along with all my programmes, would the 64 bit programmes be able to access AND use all of my current files on my current hard drive?

2 - I know there is a diference in 32 bit and 64 bit programmes, but are the resulting files identical?

3 - If so, I presume that files I share with a work colleauge in dropbox on 32 bit would still work with my new 64 bit programmes?

Sorry if I sound thick, but never used 64 bit version before.


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  1. you sound like a youngster actually

    however, you will need to do a clean install of the OS and all programs you want on it. 32 bit programs will still install into a separate program files folder on the C drive. documents, music, pictures, and any other similar files are unchanged between versions and will work just the same. Nothing in dropbox will be affected.
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    1. Basically the 64 bit Windows 7 works along side the 32 bit Windows 7. On a typical Windows 7 64 bit OS Install, there is the "C:\Program Files" and "C:\Program files(x86)". "C:\Program Files" refers to 64 bit and "C:\Program files(x86)" refers to 32 bit parts of Windows 7 respectively. Yes you will be able to use all your files on your current HDD

    2. Your 64 bit Windows 7 should work just fine with everything else. You can also install both 32 & 64 bit Applications on the 64 bit Windows 7 and the resulting files are identical. The various programs/ software differ in architecture 32bit/64bit but as I said before, you are able to run 32 bit programs/software on the 64 bit Windows 7 but NOT vice versa

    3. All the files you share with colleagues will work seamlessly with no issues at all.

    You do not sound thick at all. Its never bad to ask when you don't know, because that way you learn and share elsewhere someday.

    Hopefully you find your answers somewhere in here, else feel free to ask.
  3. yes. personally id pull the hdd then install win to the ssd.

    then id restart, put hdd back in, then go into bios and set ssd as priority

    this way it will load from ssd and you can access all your files from "computer" in startmenu

    windows 32 bit programs and files work in 64 bit not problem.

    (try to find a 64 version of the software you want to use though)

    an ssd really speeds up your pc, ive just installed a Samsung 840 pro myself a month ago.

    (install sp1 before any updates because for some reason on my pc, sp1 corrupts the install after i did all the other updates)

    if you do this first and it corrupts install it only sets you back 10 mins, not really a problem in my book.

    after that it will be stable
  4. Many thanks to all three, you have put my mind at ease. Now I have to decide if to simply upgrade current PC with an SSD or build a new one based on Win 7 64 bit - to be honest, I have built my own for over 20 years and never considered 64 bit before, goodness knows why not!
  5. Always welcome and good to hear we were able to help in a way

    Good Luck
  6. If you decide to update your old computer, be sure you can find 64 bit drivers for all your devices and peripherals.
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  8. Please make sure to enable AHCI in the bios on the SATA controller and not IDE mode.
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