Is my getting stuck problem due to overheating?

Hello fellow computer users,
I have a question to ask about my system. I have recently upgraded to an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ sysyem, and I have been getting many random freezes in just about any area of computer usage: games, ie, winamp, etc. Well, I can't really state that these problems really irk me that much, but it does get pretty frustrating when an unexpected freeze occurs. Well here are my system specs and the solutions I have tried thus far.
300 watt power supply.
Asus A7V-266E
Athlon XP 1700+ @ 1466(regular speed)
512 pc-2100 ram(some LD company, but I am pretty sure it's not the ram because I tried other brand names)
Geforce 2 gts 32 mb
Soundblaster Audigy(gamer)
three hard drives (WD 20G 7200 rpm, WD 45G 7200 rpm, and IBM 60G 7200 rmp; the IBM is connected through a pci raid card)
Now software & BIOS:
Win98se - virtual memory set to 600
Nvidia drivers(Tried pretty much all of them: from 12.xx to 27.xx)
Audigy drivers that came on CD
Read Around Write = enabled
AGP Aperture size = tried from 32 to 128(increasing this value gave me an incredible game boost of almost 30 fps)
AGP Speed = 4x(tried all)
AGP Fast write = enabled(tried both as well)
Well this configuration seems to work really well when it comes to performance, yet stability isn't too great. One alarming thing that I noticed is my CPU temp, which is 47 in idle mode and over 57 in working\gaming mode. So, I already ordered a copper heatsink from, and I will see what happens. However, if anyone has another solution in mind then please enlighten me.
Thanks to everyone in advance.
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  1. While freezeups do occur due to heat, you are not getting that hot. If you are sure the memory isnt defective then your next things to check are the memory timings in the BIOS, some ram cant handle aggressive timings and will cause problems. The other big factor is high speed CPUs not only require alot of power, but it has to be good quality, so you should have a quality power supply. In some cases I have seen the house power faulty in which case a UPS system helps.....

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  2. With that many hard drives you may want to look at getting a better power supply. Check your voltage levels using something like Motherboard Monitor if you can. Your rails are probably dropping below tolerable levels.


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  3. I fixed many similar problems by changing the case setting to 2.5 and the ddram command rate to 2T when using more than one stick. My epox board won't even post after using the cmos jumper with more than one stick of memory. I have to remove one, and go in and change from 1T (default) to 2T to power up.
  4. I have a similar setup and it runs great. Has this problem always happened since you first got your computer? I could always be a Windows problem... Try reinstalling it
  5. One note on the power supply issue, 300 watts is enough for what you have. If your gonna buy a new one the 400's are not much more. I have alot more stuff then you do running off a powerman 300watt. The quality of the power supply is at least as important as the wattage!!!!

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