Pentium 4M performance - SLOW!

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  1. [sarcasm]<b>REALLY?</b>[/sarcasm]

    <b><A HREF="" target="_new">P4 + DDR333</A>=<font color=blue>OK</font color=blue></b>
  2. is this suprising to you? Intel warned OEMs that if they used pentium 4s in laptops it wouldn't give good performance because it'd constantly throttle down its speed because of heat and power variables.

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  3. You're only talking 1.7 Ghz P4, which is aproachable performance wise by some P3s. At least it's not using DDR and not plain old SDRAM.

    Given time, the P4 will do better. OEMs need to adjust their designs a bit to squeek more performance out of them, and work on better heat dissipation solutions.

    I'm curious if there will be any T-bread Mobile CPUs. The Athlon 4 has had limited support, but with a "dissapointing" debue of the P4M, Manufacturers might turn to AMD if they can put out a decient Mobile chipset.

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  4. You could always throw it in one of the new fangled hydrotops. <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=blue>Liquid cooled</font color=blue></A>

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