Windows 7 running unnaturaly slow

Last night my computer crashed while performing mundane tasks, when I tried to reboot it took several minutes to just get passed the windows loading screen, trying to log in took an infinite amount of time. Previously it took maybe 20 some seconds to be logged in with all my programs running.

I have an Intel i-5 Ivy Bridge, and 8gb ram. Could the slow file access time be do to a failing hard drive? I have no idea what to do.
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  1. If you want to check the hard drive just run a CHKDSK.

    - Open a command prompt and type: chkdsk /r c:
    Assuming Windows is installed to the C: drive

    - It will say the drive is in use and ask if you want to run at next reboot. Type 'y' then press enter.

    - Restart the machine.

    When it starts up again the chkdsk will run and check for any errors on the hard drive. This can take over an hour so be patient with it.
  2. Unfourtantly I can not even access my windows account let alone command prompt, I tried letting the system run for 2 days and still nothing finished loading...I can access my BIOs and that is it.
  3. Oh ok.

    Do you have a Windows 7 disk handy? Or access to another computer that you could burn one from?

    If so, you can also run a CHKDSK from there. Here is a good guide on doing so -

    It shows images from Vista but the process is exactly the same for 7.
  4. Check event viewer for errors and google any issues. Disable any startup programs that are not required by windows to run.

    Run sfc /scannow in an elevated prompt to find and repair errors.
  5. Does sound like a failing hard drive with a small chance of it being virus.

    So do you have backups and what kind? Possibly a current Windows 7 system image backup?
  6. I forgot to ask, have you tried starting in safe mode?
  7. Safe mode results in the same issue, I do have a Windows 7 disk handy.
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