What Celeron processor?

I run a P6BX-A+ motherboard (BX440)with a 333mhz Celeron CPU and want to upgrade. What is the fastest Celeron processor compatible with my motherboard and how easy will the upgrade be?
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  1. According to the website, the supported CPUs are:

    PIII 600MHz (100MHz SECC2)
    Celeron 533MHz (PPGA)

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  2. You wouldn't be doing yourself a big favor by switching to another Celeron in your mobo's range. I doubt the performance would even double.
    Your best bet is looking at the newest Cellys and a new mobo (sorry but for what you'd have, it just wouldn't be worth upgrading in same range) if you would like Celerons. An even cheaper way is Durons, and a nice extremly cheap ECS board. It would not even cost you 120$ total, and you can transfer your current RAM (unless PC100) to it. It's up to you and your money, but take my suggestion, because any Celeron below 700 MHZ is just not worth upgrading to, especially when the new ones have 256K L2 and a few nice improvements, plus 0.13m for less heat.

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  3. But a PIII 600 (256k or is it 512k?) would be better than a Celeron 333.

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  4. According to Tekram, this motherboard has a VRM 8.4 Voltage Resistor Module built in. That spec allows for all Coppermine CPU's. The ECS page seems to note a difference between the earlier boards and the 1.1aa/1.2 boards, so those are probably the only ones that have this VRM. The board also supports bus speeds of 133MHz. That means the BEST CPU for it is the PIII 1000EB, as long as you have a newer revision as mentioned. But if you really insist on a Celeron, the 1000 w/128k cache (which is the Coppermine version) should work as well.
    Any 133MHz FSB processor would require PC133 memory and a decent graphics card to allow the 133FSB setting.

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  5. if i had that system, id change the cpu and the motherboard to a duron and a abit k** motherboard...
    they perform brillaintly and are cheap as well... plus if you want a lower end cpu like the duron when you upgrade to a thunderbird/xp/or the next big thing, you'll notice a performance increase as well... well worth it...

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  6. I'd just pop in a faster CPU.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. I guess any Celeron upto 1.1 GHz (not the A models) should work on that board. Check for the latest BIOS update.

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