Basics of Cloud Computing

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I am a cloud engineer and specialize in cloud computing development and architecting as well big data analysis. Check out my blog for my views @
I have recently published my first book. Its' based on cloud computing basics for the beginners. It covers the various aspects of cloud computing and virtualization and services provided by all the major cloud providers in all the service models like IaaS, PaaS & SaaS. You can find the the book here:

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Ravi Shankar
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  1. are you going to be releasing it in the uk as well? i mean
  2. Looking forward to read the book..
  3. thomasrogers said:
    Looking forward to read the book..

    Me too and I think this book may be good for me.
  4. Nice book, will recommend to my clients wanting to know a little more baout what cloud is.
  5. Nice book. Learn more about cloud computing then refer this too
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